Bearing Cages for Taper Roller

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Bearing Cages for Taper Roller
Bearing Cages for Taper Roller

Cages have an appreciable influence on the suitability of rolling bearings. Their main purposes are

  • Keeping the rolling elements at an appropriate distance from each other and to prevent direct contact between neighboring rolling elements, in order to keep friction and thus heat generation at a minimum.
  • Keeping the rolling elements evenly distributed around the complete circumference to provide even load distribution and quiet and uniform running
  • Guiding the rolling elements in the unloaded zone, to improve the rolling conditions in the bearing and to prevent damaging sliding movements
  • Retaining the rolling elements, where bearings are of a separable design and one bearing ring is removed during mounting or dismounting
  • This ongoing experience of tooling has helped us to develop a new setup for manufacturing of bearing Cages and expand our Total Production capacity of 175000 / month.
  • All the tools are manufactured with stringent process control and 100% traceability of the carbides used for each die can be achieved. Moreover, our In House ERP system assists to maintain the entire process with all the necessary documentary evidence.

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